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WIIFM for personal attributes

February 14, 2019

My previous blog about why New Yorkers should be concerned about WIIFM rather than what Amazon was getting with respect to establishing a headquarters in Long Island City. WIIFM is a good way to look at a lot of things. One area I don’t understand is the excess concern some people have about other people’s personal attributes such as race, gender, sex, religion or nationality.

We need to agree that an individual’s personal characteristics, whatever they are, can have no effect on anyone other than that individual and possibly their immediate circle of acquaintances. The problem that I see is that too many do not see it that way and become overly concerned with people that have characteristics contrary to their views. An individual’s “difference” can make no “difference” on anyone else. A difference perceived by one doesn’t mean it is a valid difference except in the mind of the person that notices or recognizes that there is a difference worth paying attention to and enough so to be offended or annoyed by it. That makes no sense to me, but these prejudices are the subject of numerous daily media headlines and uncalled for harmful actions including some by government officials.

Nothing can be accomplished by someone being upset by someone else’s individual characteristics that are different than theirs. This is especially so because the bias can cause no detriment to them.

Sometimes it pays to ask yourself “What’s in it for me?” regarding other people‘s individual characteristics and then putting them out of your mind, which is where it belongs. WIIFM!!!

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