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Colours not just for Christmas

December 18, 2018

A friend of mine is a color specialist. Last week Ronnie and I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a day in Manhattan to see the colorful holiday decorations and tree in Rockefeller Center. In The Met’s book store there were a dozen books for sale about colors, making me think of Christine so I called to wish her a Merry Christmas. Somehow I asked her what she does with colors and I found her response interesting enough to ask if she could jot down what she said so I could share it with my readers. Here it is.

“How do I pick a colour?

First, I look at the entire space; starting from the outside in, following the traffic flow throughout, from room to room.
Next, I ask what is the client’s vision and goals for their space. My job is to make that vision a reality!
I also need to know how they’ll utilize the space; casual family rec, traditional furnishings, professional work space… etc.
Last, light. How much natural light comes in, and what is the installed lighting; from overhead, to mid-room ambient, to task/direct lighting.
If I haven’t uncovered it from what I see, I ask about their colour favorites.
Then I connect all those factors and desires together to create a beautiful space of their vision coming to life.

For example; the client may want to paint the walls Grey, and a simple grey is fine! But since grey is a mixed colour – it will show either warm; yellow grey, leaning green – or cool; silvery ice-blue, leaning slate.
And with so many hues to choose from, with shades and tints merely steps from one another, it’s overwhelming. You can initially pick chip selections in-store, but you decide in the actual space to be painted.
Each shade or tint will enhance, reflect or pull colour from adjoining walls, furniture, surroundings – then of course shift again at night under artificial lighting.

So before deciding, view chip options in the actual ‘space to be painted’ over a course of time; AM, Afternoon and PM. Sleep on it, wake up, rinse and repeat!
The colour you finally select should always make you smile…day or night.”

Smiling – being calm and happy – that’s what it’s about. I never really thought much about the influence of colors and found this interesting and hope you did too. Christine Iaderosa Jaguin, ASID/PMI Member, is a color consultant / designer located in Canfield, Ohio, not far from Cleveland. She is available for consultations up to entire interior decorations and can be reached at

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