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10 Do Nots

November 13, 2018
  1. Do not keep your pocket book, wallet or key chain visible on your desk or work area.
  2. Do not leave your house keys in your coat jacket when hanging it up anywhere not in your house.
  3. Do not put your office pass in your coat, sweater or jacket pocket that you might take off during the day.
  4. Do not save your bank and brokerage account passwords on your computer or smartphone.
  5. Do not (or seriously try not to) conduct banking or investment transactions on your computer or smartphone when out of the country.
  6. Do not subscribe to a journal or magazine unless you intend to read it – or peruse it as soon as it arrives.
  7. Do not skip a funeral, wake, Shiva or memorial service if you will be embarrassed about not going the next time you see the bereaved family member.
  8. Do not get stupidly upset at really selfish or inconsiderate meatheads when driving.
  9. Do not avoid confronting your physician, investment advisor, accountant, lawyer or any other professional when you are given advice you do not fully understand.
  10. Do not avoid owning up to an error you made with people you do business with or interact with or who depend on you for something or other, no matter the size or significance of the matter.
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  1. Alan Zeitlin permalink
    November 13, 2018 9:37 am

    Good advice, as usual.

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