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‘What scares me right now…’

October 25, 2018

That headline is the title of an article in this week’s [Oct 22, 2018] Ad Age and has quotes from over four dozen advertising industry executives. Their responses are not necessarily limited to advertising, but can relate to any business or profession so I am sharing some with you here. These are all quotes or abstracts from what I read but I have not attributed it to those that said it beyond referring you to the entire article in that issue. I also only included a few since space limits reproducing the entire article.

  • I’m scared about the talent that’s quickly fleeting our industry or the lack of diverse talent that’s hindering our progress and allows other industries to innovate faster.
  • That other people won’t come up with ideas to bail me out.
  • Picture this: You are in a massive hotel in Las Vegas wearing business cocktail attire – so, high heels – having a glass of wine with hundreds if not thousands of people. And then the power goes out. I like control and being prepared; now I travel with a headlamp, a solar-powered radio, energy bars, a LifeStraw and a few other essentials.
  • The lack of a moral compass to guide our leaders.
  • “Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” My anxiety is that the starving seems impossible.
  • A world where creatives report to CFOs, consultants and engineers.
  • Those that bring creative and strategic work in house to save costs.
  • Consumers that are getting more skilled at getting rid of unwanted messages and “noise.” It is scary but also pretty exciting since the industry is up for the challenge.
  • Safe ideas. These tend to get through easier and develop momentum but don’t move the business.
  • A shared nut bowl at a bar.
  • Leaders that do not try and pause, listen carefully and think critically.
  • Complacency.
  • Being three calls from oblivion; and fearing those three calls.
  • Clients that have forgotten the value of creativity; and who are hooked on the ad-tech drug.
  • The rising value of personalization.
  • Inadvertently getting caught in a political firestorm.
  • Not looking for new opportunities, with [modulated] increased risk. People are becoming more risk-adverse and are paralyzed by the analysis of it.
  • I’m scared of comfort.
  • It’s so easy to start a brand now.
  • As I’m trying to keep on top of the latest trends, the latest tools, the latest technologies, I’m constantly worried about chasing the shiny new penny down a rabbit hole and being Alice in Wonderland.
  • Not taking the time to do it right.
  • Not moving fast enough to turn disruption into opportunity.
  • Being “forced” to actually come up with great ideas and rely on their merits as opposed to the words we use to spin them. [Being a little facetious]
  • News companies joining the war on truth because they have a commercial incentive to appeal only to one side of the political spectrum.
  • People not taking seriously the importance of voting.
  • Retirement.
  • Being out of touch with real consumers living lives very different than those planning campaigns in “ideal” cities.
  • That ad-tech vendors figure out my actual email address.
  • A lack of long-term innovation in exchange for short-term gains.
  • What will happen if we’re not adequately retraining our workforce and preparing our next generation for the coming decade, where automation will do much of the routine work that humans currently do. The skills that will be valuable in the new economy will be non-routine. We must prepare for this.
  • Competing for talent.

There is much more. I hope you enjoyed and can learn from these excerpts. I did. Here is a link to the entire article:

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