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September 20, 2018

For over a year I have been posting a tax blog every four weeks on So as of this past Monday, there have been 16 blogs. I was assisted in these blogs by my partners Brain Lovett and Peter Weitsen and many others that I got ideas from or ran ideas by. While my name is shown on the top it has been a collaborative effort and shows the versatility of the tax department at Withum. I also received some behind the scenes help where they preferred not to be mentioned. Additionally, there are many others here at Withum whose efforts serve clients very well every day of the year.

I have been associated with Bottom Line Inc since I met Marty Edelston in 1976 when he published what I believe was the best newsletter for business managers and leaders – Boardroom Reports. At some point it evolved into Bottom Line Personal and while they still have an excellent print newsletter, they also have an outstanding web site and I urge all of my readers to check it out at the above URL.

My blog can be accessed at To provide a glimpse of the previous blogs here is a listing of the links for some of them with the titles. Use the titles to select what you are interested in and I am sure you will get some valuable information you could use.

Enjoy the above.

If you would like some information about Martin Edelston here is a link to a blog I posted soon after he passed away.

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