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Selfish Neighbors

September 13, 2018

I am and have been on some fund raising committees and had the unpleasant experience of soliciting local businesses for contributions and being turned down flatly by many branches of chains. This includes rehab centers, dental, medical and urgent care offices, drug stores, supermarkets, pizza parlors and game centers.

The reasons are similar: “the advertising is handled by ‘marketing’ in our main office.” And “marketing” never responds. This is a cop out. These businesses make their livings from the local residents and they should support the local charities to some extent. They all have petty cash funds or local budgets this money could come out of, yet they decline to support the core organizations in the communities they earn money from. And they use a spurious excuse – it is handled by “marketing.”

Small contributions, sponsorships or ads in fund raising journals for a dozen or two charities cannot break any budget and it will not only support the local charities but will garner substantial good will when they are recognized by their customers and neighbors as a supporter of the local charities.

These are ungrateful businesses and I am continually amazed by their blatant lack of support evidenced by their ignoring our requests. It shows a lack of recognition of where their income is generated. These are selfish neighbors.

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