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This is not about John McCain’s memorial tributes

September 4, 2018

It is about yours. Listening and reading about the memorial tributes to John McCain got me wondering how my obituary would read. What do I consider important for a lasting memory and what is hubris?

It cannot be such a bad idea to write your obituary. For one thing, it will be what you want. For another it might be cause for reflection about your priorities and whether your actions coincided with your values. There is always time to change until the obit is published somewhere.

For my young readers, writing your obit now could provide a path for you to follow which might also be different than the one you are on now. For my older readers, this might be a good way to impart your values, dreams realized and your sage advice for those that are younger that would be reading your obituary. The regrets that cannot be righted, can serve as a lesson for others, or an opportunity to try to move them to actions erasing them from your regrets’ listing.

I know many people personally and professionally and realize that everyone has a story to tell. And many will provide great interest and valuable messages. Starting is quite easy. Just start writing. I suggest not trying to start at the beginning or worrying about good style, grammar or even spelling. Just start writing. The ideas are what is important. Editing can be done at a later time or even by others, but not your experiences and ideas.

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