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Too many books…too little time

July 24, 2018

There are many books I would like to read, but cannot because I lack the time. I found a shortcut or might I even say, a loophole. It is a three volume set called The Graphic Canon edited by Russ Kick.

The three volumes contain summaries and graphic representations of over 190 literary works in over 1600 pages by 130 contributors. They are presented in chronological order and contain virtually every classic and what is considered great literature. Obviously this is not a substitute for the originals, but each rendition provides a quick read with great illustrations providing excellent interpretations of the originals.

I would like to say I read most of the books covered but haven’t, but reading them here was enjoyable. The first volume covers from The Epic of Gilgamesh through to the end of the 1700s with Dangerous Liaisons. The second covers the nineteenth century with Kubla Khan to The Picture of Dorian Gray and the third from Heart of Darkness through Infinite Jest published in 1996. Most of the books are still published in updated versions and are also available at local libraries which is where I get most of the nonbusiness books I read. My local library had two of The Graphic Canon volumes and through a 30 library consortium they are a member of, I was able to check out the third volume.

I periodically check out one of the volumes and read parts of it. I have no overwhelming desire to own these books, but noticed they are available from and separately and in a three volume set. There are also additional volumes on crime and mystery and children’s books.

If you want to see and read something interesting, check these books out.

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