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Never Trouble Trouble…

June 26, 2018

Here is another chapter from my book, Power Bites, I am posting as a blog. For some reason, things seem to come in bunches and in the past few weeks I’ve received calls from a number of clients concerned about the consequences of some troubles that could befall them [that they have no control over, did not cause, and might never materialize] and how they should react, and my responses are “perfectly” summed up in this chapter, so here it is.

Chapter 34

Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You

Perhaps the treat that got me started on this book is the following, which came from a fortune cookie many years ago.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

What does this mean? Actually, I still carry the fortune in my wallet and whip it out whenever someone talks negatively about a proposed project or rattles off a litany of what can go wrong or acts like a pessimist when optimism should prevail.

I also try not to waste time anticipating and worrying about things that are improbable and most likely will never occur, or things that can be routinely dealt with when they do come up.

Note that some unknown person first said this. One of the attributions I found was from John Adams.

Reprinted from Power Bites: Short and to the Point Management, Leadership and Lifestyle Advice I Give My Clients! by Edward Mendlowitz, CPA ©2010. Available for sale at and


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