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Additional services from your tax professional

May 8, 2018

Tax season is over and within a few weeks your tax preparer will have returned from their vacation. Now is a good time to think about additional services you could use them for. Here is a “short” listing to get you started with the thinking process..

  1. Estate planning
  2. Inheritance advice and guidance
  3. Succession planning
  4. Personal financial planning
  5. Investment allocation construction
  6. Investment management
  7. Investment clubs
  8. Elder care assurance services
  9. Business performance measurement services
  10. QuickBooks® training and consulting
  11. Outsource business and back office services
  12. Outsourced CFO services
  13. Outsourced corporate tax preparation – income taxes, executive tax preparation, sales taxes, state registrations
  14. Second opinions
  15. Business valuations
  16. Retirement planning and counseling
  17. Pension planning
  18. IRA distribution analysis
  19. IRS tax audit protection service
  20. Conflict resolution
  21. Single couples living together planning
  22. Second marriage assistance
  23. Pre-nuptial agreement analysis
  24. Divorce settlement planning
  25. Conflict resolution
  26. Buying and selling a business assistance
  27. Starting a business
  28. Buying a franchise
  29. Entering a partnership
  30. Getting stock in a corporation
  31. Receiving stock options
  32. Projecting financial aspects of proposed actions
  33. Basis calculations for pass through activities
  34. Employment contract negotiations
  35. Executive compensation review
  36. Downsize structuring
  37. Business downturn or winding down consulting
  38. Corporate management and financial planning training
  39. Industry specific tax and business advisory services
  40. Structuring partnership and buy sell agreements

Many accountants have expertise beyond tax preparation. You should take advantage of the existing relationship and database of knowledge the accountant has about you and your affairs and inquire about what you might need and any charges and how an initial consultation would work.

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