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Order the Soup du Jour

May 3, 2018

A previous blog about calling your aunt generated a slew of emails that I decided to post another chapter from my book, Power Bites. Here is Chapter 45, Order the Soup du Jour.

Why does the soup du jour always taste different? Even when you order it from the same place two or three days in a row, it always tastes different.

Life is full of surprises. Don’t expect things to not change. Try new things. Life can be much more interesting if there are constantly new things for you to taste and try.

Improvement and innovation both mean change, and can only come if there is change in what is presently being done. Leaders and managers who say they want change have to be willing to pay for it. The cost is for training, retooling, measurement, buy-in, and the support of the project.

When instituting a new procedure or project or change, there will be dysfunction, lack of enthusiasm, possible high error rates, mixed communication, conflicts in company culture, and half-assed attempts at accountability. This has to be considered beforehand when deciding on the program and can be offset by a strong leadership commitment, evidenced by strong communication of the need for buy-in by everyone on the management team.

The broader your interests, the greater your opportunity for enjoying new things—and yourself.

Reprinted from Power Bites: Short and to the Point Management, Leadership and Lifestyle Advice I Give My Clients! by Edward Mendlowitz, CPA ©2010. Available for sale at and

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