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Lindsey Vonn

February 27, 2018

The Olympics was fantastic and so was Lindsey Vonn. She is a proud American champion; you don’t need a gold medal to validate that. She has her medals, but last week, at age 33, she became the oldest woman’s Alpine skiing medalist in Olympics history. She is also just the third American to capture three Olympic Alpine skiing medals.

Vonn’s speed was 1:39.69 minutes. The gold medalist was 1:39.22 and silver medalist was 1:39.31. Lindsey missed the gold medal by less than a half second! She skied for 99 seconds at a speed over 70 miles per hour on a 1.7 mile slope and was a half second short! There were many other tournaments that were settled by even narrower margins. This tells me that everything counts and we must pay attention to the slightest details. In business, half seconds don’t usually matter, but details do. A slight nod in a negotiation, a split second loss of a smile when training a beginner, a single letter missing from a client’s name or number from their address, or an expensive expertly tailored suit with scuffed shoes can affect a major business deal or relationship.

Lindsey said that “the last eight years have been full of ups and downs. A lot of downs. But it’s all made me who I am – a stronger person. It make me appreciate every opportunity I’ve have. I’m thankful to be here on the podium in most likely my last downhill race.” After the race, Sofia Goggia, the gold medalist said of Lindsey “She is the greatest.”

Lindsey is a Champ. This was her last Olympics but I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her. She will not be fading into the woodwork. Good job Lindsey, we are proud of you and Good Luck!

Further, everyone participating in the Olympics, whether they medaled or not, and their support staff, should get our accolades – they are all champions and served the United States proudly in the Olympics. Congratulations and Thank You!

A great big Kamsahamnida to Pyeongchang for hosting a wonderful Olympics where, for two weeks, peace and calm reigned in the World.

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  1. Carl Casazza permalink
    February 27, 2018 6:29 am

    Well said. Thank you. Carl Casazza

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