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Twelve ways to lead a simpler, happier and more content life

December 26, 2017

A new year will be starting next week, Here are 12 things to consider to make it simpler, happier and be more content.

  1. Health – One of the biggest causes of unaccomplished financial plans, destroyed savings and a deteriorating life style are health issues. Make good health practices a major part of your plans – and not a weak afterthought.
  2. Wedded bliss – A major cause of stress is a failed marriage – work at yours and do not skip your “date nights.” Make every moment a “date night.”
  3. Vacations – Vacations are how you recharge your batteries. No one can keep running continually at a full pace without a break. Use vacations for those breaks – and do not check in with the office. You are on a vacation, and not just working at a different or remote location. If you are retired, use vacations to change the monotony.
  4. Don’t gossip – Do not talk about people that are not present. This will cause you anxiety if you said something that you are afraid they will find out about.
  5. Call your aunt – Calling an aunt or an old friend or their widow every once in a while can’t be too much of a burden and think about the great good you will be doing.
  6. Manage your taxes – No matter your situation you can keep your taxes at a minimum by sound and regular planning and review.
  7. Understand your investments – You should never invest in anything that you do not fully understand how you can make or lose money in, and once understanding it, you are willing to accept the possibility of that loss.
  8. Learn continuously – Learning new things is stimulating and satisfying. Read, become a regular at your local public library, interact with people you can grow with, go to museums, and watch programs with educational potential. Grow!
  9. Grandkids – There is a limited period until they grow up. Maximize your time with them and their memories and experiences with you that they could use to grow with.
  10. Friends – As our old friend Polonius said: Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel.
  11. Reduce clutter – Get rid of your clutter of things and long harbored ill will thoughts and feelings.
  12. Be Grateful – Be mindful that every day is a Blessing.
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