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November 9, 2017

I just returned from a vacation that I wrote about in my previous blog, and it got me thinking about the purpose of a vacation. I understand it, but I know that many do not, so here is a push toward taking a real vacation.

The dictionary defines vacation as an extended period of recreation usually away from home or by traveling. A further definition includes a period of suspension of work or regular activities in order to relax and clear and rest your mind. It is a period of unwinding and recharging.

I take this literal concept of a vacation. As such, I do not take or make phone calls, or look at or respond to emails or texts. If I did, I would not be relaxing, unwinding and recharging. I would simply be working at a more expensive location than usual.

With one exception of a special circumstance, I have never violated my vacation by “working.” If I did, I would have lost the opportunity to reboot and restart when I return. Work is intense, continuous, nonstop and in today’s vernacular 24/7. Keeping in touch and being available for just one or two calls a day keeps the mind revved up. We need a rest from this, and that is called a vacation.

I also found out that if I respond to only one call, somehow everyone finds out and if I don’t return every call thereafter, people will get upset – it is better to do nothing than a teeny weenie little. I also have partners and assistants who could put out any “fire” for a week or two until I return. In fact, sometimes they can actually do a better job of handling the problem than me. Also, I have not heard of anyone dying because a “tax notice” wasn’t responded to by return mail.

Every client I am working with before my vacation is informed of my lack of availability and provided with a partner or staff person they could call in my absence, and it usually is someone they know and have already worked with. I don’t leave my clients in the lurch.

Make your vacation a vacation and not a shift in your work location. Try it – it is necessary, essential and can pay great dividends in added vigor and energy.

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