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More Stupid Execution Actions

October 26, 2017

I couldn’t let it go. Here are some more stupid executions and getting things off my chest.

  • I leased a new car this year; actually two cars – for me and my wife. One car came with satellite radio service for a three month trial and the other a six month trial. About six weeks after we got each car we received a welcome kit with details how to use it and how great and important this satellite radio service was. I was also informed that my trial period was about to end and I needed to sign up for permanent service. Why did it take so long to get us info about using the service?
  • The day I wrote this, I received an offer for each car to make the satellite service permanent. The offer for one car was for $99.00 for a year. The offer for the other was for one year at a “Special Early Bird Discount” “one year intro rate” of $119.88. I am wondering why the Special Early Bird Discount rate was more than the non-special early bird discount rate?
  • The previous day, I received five offers in the mail. They were from Vehicle Services Department, Lease Maturity Services, Lease Return Headquarters and two car dealers. Four offers were for my leases which had already expired months earlier. One was for my 2011 car lease which was replaced with a 2014 and now a 2017 lease. I cannot be the only person they mailed to who was no longer in the market for a new car. Can’t they program their mailing lists to exclude people that cannot possibly become customers? There is a reason they call this type of mail “junk mail.”
  • I used to watch PBS stations but cut it down a lot because of their 10 minute solicitation breaks after every 20 minutes of programming, in many cases. I also used to contribute and every year I received a booklet of free museum admissions, but one year I increased my contribution and they sent me a renewal through November 30 rather than the usual December 31. I called and they told me I was upgraded into a different member category and these all expired on November 30 each year. The following year I did not receive any renewal notice which I only realized when I when through my contributions for my tax return preparation. I now no longer contribute but that also coincides with my reduced viewing.

Many companies establish customer engagement and promotional campaigns, but lack the understanding of how their targeted audience would react to it and the user-friendly approach that many times is missing. One approach is for the CEO and directors to respond to solicitations and even subscribe and then see the execution and whether it is what they would be proud of.

One further story is the continual poor user experiences I had in a couple of branches of a chain store and wrote to the new CEO advising him about it telling him not to take my word, but to go in as a customer and evaluate the experience. I received a call six months later from one of his assistants asking me to explain what I meant by that. They are now closing hundreds of stores. They don’t have a clue!

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