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Getting Rid of My Books

August 31, 2017

Not all of them, but a few hundred business books I keep in my office. We are moving in a month and the new office will not have room for them. My choices are to bring them home, store them in a warehouse, give them away, donate them or throw them away. None of the choices are tenable.

These are the among the best of the books I’ve read. Some I use as reference or mind refresher sources, some have been loaned a few times, and some haven’t been touched since I read them. The truth of the matter is that I don’t need them anymore. They are nice and comforting to have, but they are really not needed. The few times I want to refer to one, I can go on line and find an excerpt, or if it is that important I can repurchase the book on line from a used book dealer. The cost to keep them is much greater than any future costs I might incur in this manner. And space has become scarce.

The cliché that books are your friends is certainly true in my case. Also, since I am on my local library foundation’s board, I am in the library at least three times a month, and my library is part of a consortium of 30 libraries that I can borrow books from.

Possessions create encumbrances on your time and your comfort and even costs. I rent a mini warehouse where I have six dozen boxes stored, many of which I haven’t looked in in years. I feel that before I can discard them, I need to go through them – but that takes time. Why do I need to spend time on something I haven’t looked at in years just to throw it away? Sounds stupid to me. I think it is time to stop being stupid; and I will start by getting rid of my clutter, because that is what I have – clutter!

P.S. If anyone wants any of the books, you are welcome to meet me in my office in New Brunswick [you need to make an appointment with me] and take what you want.

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  1. 6hawthorne permalink
    August 31, 2017 9:43 am

    Hi Ed I give all my books to the local library Bob

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