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Do Things!

June 29, 2017

I know many very successful people. A trait that contributes greatly to their success is that they get things done.

Obviously there are many traits, but a common thread is that they get things done – or rather get things started and then follow through on the implementation and execution until seeing its completion.

No one that does nothing can be successful. So, if you want to be successful, do something. Develop an idea, find an overlooked need, determine how to get started, what resources are needed and then start. After starting, keep at it, and plow ahead. Mistakes will occur and unless it is a fatal one, they become learning and growth experiences and things you will not repeat. Many people that do not accomplish what they ought have a fear of making errors and not doing something perfectly. That is an admirable trait but to use it as a crutch to not start or to abandon what was started is a weak excuse for not reaching their potential.

This doesn’t apply just in business. Look over your New Year’s resolutions and pick one of those to get done so you won’t have to repeat that resolution next year. If you are on a not-for-profit board, choose a long neglected but important project and spearhead that.

I know many extremely creative and bright people who underachieve not reaching their potential. I don’t know why, but many are so afraid of failing, that they just do not start. They are abusing and neglecting their gifts and not only selling themselves short, but everyone else that could benefit from the success of their efforts and abilities.

Do things! Get started! And get it done!

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