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Idea for Sale: $7.99

February 9, 2017

Would you pay $7.99 for an idea you could use in your business? Well, the current issue [February 2017] of Fast Company has 175 ideas (at least) and costs $7.99 at the newsstand. You could also subscribe for $10.00 for 10 issues. Getting one usable idea a month for $1.00 an idea seems too good to pass up. Try it! Unless you have all the ideas you need, then skip it.

This publication and similar others are chock full of ideas from many thought leaders and successful managers. One way to handle these publications is to subscribe and when the issue arrives flip through it looking at each page not spending more than about three minutes per issue. Some ideas will stick with you and some you might want to rip out the page to read more of it at a free moment. Then take the idea and run with it.

Another way is to go to your local public library and spend twenty minutes to a half hour a couple times a month with 5 or 6 magazines – but do not rip anything out – if you want you can take a photo of it with your smart phone.

Both methods work because I do them. Think about it – it is just an idea.

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