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How the Post Office Created America

October 27, 2016

I just read a book with that title by Winifred Gallagher who puts forth the proposition that the Post Office created America.

The father in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” related everything good that happened to humanity can be traced back to the Greeks. If you ever sat next to me on plane I must have spent some time telling you how everything good in civilization can be traced to accountants. If you saw the show “Hamilton” or read Ron Chernow’s book you might believe that the United States owes its existence to Alexander Hamilton. There are many other comparisons and the point is that most people proud of their heritage or what they do look at things through specially designed glasses magnifying the focus on them or their group.

The book sets forth a very strong premise of the vital and essential role the Post Office played. The author is very persuasive and believable with her plethora of documented illustrations and extensive index. I liked reading the book. As a stamp collector I have always been interested in the post office. I also like reading anything about its founder Benjamin Franklin and am very fascinated with the historical interactions of people and events.

I quote from the book’s last paragraph. “The post office is the least remarked and most understood of the nation’s original great institutions, but it’s the one that did the most to create America’s expansive, forward-looking, information- and communications-oriented culture.” We never think about it, but open, regular and inexpensive mail service, especially at the time of the founding of our country, contributed immensely to a connected, educated and involved populace.

If you have an interest in American History I suggest you put this book on your reading list. You can buy it or borrow it from your local public library.

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