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Management Alignment Checklists

September 8, 2016

Michael Roppo, our firm’s performance and profitability strategist for automotive and retail businesses told me that reading the checklists in the last two blogs inspired him to also prepare some. He prepared four management alignment and onboarding checklists. Here is one of them:

Daily Checklist
Rid yourself of uncertainty! Increase your productivity, performance and profitability and get the results you deserve! Take these steps every day!

  1. Give clear directions. Get straight to the point quickly and be definitive.
  2. Require accountability. Focus on results, not theory.
  3. Never rationalize sub-standard performance.
  4. Avoid over planning. When a plan is in place, take action!
  5. Embrace change. Search out opportunities to improve your people and organizational results.
  6. Help every member on the team win every day.
  7. Each day the collective actions should help move performance closer to meeting your objectives. If not, then it was not a successful day.

The other checklists are just as insightful and helpful, but they are more client driven and specific to automotive businesses that comprise most of his clients. The above checklist is applicable to any type of organization. If you think you might need assistance, reach out to Mike at He works out of our New Brunswick office.

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