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Checklist for Change Projects

September 6, 2016

Here is a checklist to help you with change projects. It is based on Who Killed Change?: Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change by Ken Blanchard, John Britt, Judd Hoekstra and Pat Zigarmi © 2009 by Polvera Publishing and John Britt (Published by HarperCollins).

  • You need complete buy-in by all levels of leadership team and management
  • A beginning statement by the “boss” with reasons for the change, input going into the decision making process to adopt the change, plan on how it will be achieved, details of the execution, and desired end result and benefit to everyone
  • Company culture needs to embrace change
  • Leadership commitment
  • Sponsorship and guidance
  • Cohesive change leadership team
  • Effective communications and dialogue
  • A sense of urgency
  • An inspired vision that is clearly transmitted
  • A wide range plan
  • Detailed plan of accomplishment
  • Realistic budget applied with discretion
  • Adequate, full and fun training
  • Achievable incentive plan
  • Timely performance measurement
  • Documented activities
  • Accountability by each team and each team member

Enjoy this checklist. Also, Ken Blanchard has written or co-written many other books. I recommend them all and cannot think of one that I did not benefit from.

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    September 6, 2016 1:02 pm


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