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Forbes’ Mobile Moguls

August 2, 2016

I try to read the magazines I subscribe to as they are received, but the cover of the July 26, 2016 issue of Forbes intrigued me so I put it aside. I was going to take the bus into Manhattan last week and grabbed that issue figuring I would flip through the article to grasp the thoughts, but instead ended up with a bunch of WOW moments that I am sharing here with you.

The cover had a photo of Mobile Mogul Kim Kardashian saying how she made $45 million from an app game. The story inside also told how Kim, Ellen DeGeneres and others have made over $200 million that way. This is an eye opener and something I felt I should at least learn something about – and so should you. New things are happening quickly and while we might be late finding out about them at least we can use this knowledge to possibly change the way we look at and think about what we are doing and how we might adapt to the new way things are happening. There certainly is big money being made out there in many new ways, not imaginable just a few years ago.

I opened the issue and before I got to the first article I saw ads with the following headlines:

  • Anticipate tomorrow. Deliver today.
  • A watershed for watersheds \ half of the Everglades has already disappeared.
  • Customers are hiding in your data. Do you have the insight to uncover them?
  • Transform your business, transcend expectations…
  • Want to read your customer’s mind? Too late. She just changed it.

There are many more such ads in the issue. These certainly indicate changes in the way business is being done.

The first article I came to provided glimpses of America’s 25 wealthiest families. Interesting! #1 is the Walton family with 7 members and #3 shows the people that make Milky Way and M&Ms being worth $78 billion with 3 members. A little further at #22 and #23 are the Mellon and Rockefeller families comprised of about 374 members. They are still going strong. Money has been made in varied ways with no one universal way; and no app people…yet!

Another article lists the ten most successful Broadway shows that were based on books. The record for the most copies sold goes to Wicked with 3.6 million books sold. Hamilton misses the Top 10 cut with “only” $80 million in box office receipts and sold 623,000 books, but it is still a new show.

The Game Changers article has the top 100 Celebrities. Taylor Swift is #1 with a whopping $170 million earnings last year. Ellen DeGeneres is #13 at $75 million behind Rush Limbaugh who clocked in at $79 million. Tiger Woods who hasn’t been playing much golf was #51 at $45.5 million just beating out Eli Manning at $45 million. The only Baseball player is Clayton Kershaw at #92 with $32 million, mainly from his $30 million salary.

There are many other fine bits of information and things to think about. If you want to be relevant and competitive, you need to “be in the game.” This issue shows what some of the new games are, and some old ones too that are still significant. You can get the issue in your local public library. Check it out – that issue is a treat!

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