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He was the Greatest

June 7, 2016

Muhammad Ali was great and the greatest. His death ends an era of a person with a presence of mythic proportions.

Before his first bout with Sonny Liston I said a prayer that he would not be killed. He surprised everyone and won decisively. For much of his life he was arguably the most famous and well known person in the world – and not just for his boxing achievements, but because of the man that he was.

Muhammad was an inspiration, a role model, a champ, and a gentleman. He was also exciting and a man of honest and steadfast convictions, not usually seen any more from those in public life. He had a royal presence and in spite of his terrible illness he was a giant in stature.

His ring opponents Joe Frazier and George Foreman were and are really nice guys and great champs but both are likely to be known best for their matches with Muhammad Ali.

The world today is a little less hospitable, a little less exciting and a little less friendly because of his passing. The world will miss Muhammad Ali and my prayer today is for him to rest in a well-deserved peace.

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