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Ambidextrous Brain

March 8, 2016

Last week, I was interviewed for a leadership program and was asked to describe my most successful leadership trait using one word.  I blurted out “methodical” and then added “and creative,” and then I thought about it.  It was three words.

I consider myself as both methodical and creative, yet they are conflicted.  One indicates attention to detail and order and the other a curious imagination.  I tried to somehow put these together in one word and came up with ambidextrous.  Perhaps a better term would be ambi-brainaic – but that seems too pompous; or maybe ambi-lobe’al; or better yet ambi-functional.  For now, I will stick with ambidextrous.

A person who is ambidextrous is able to use their left and right hands with equal dexterity. Carrying that over to the brain it should connote someone that uses the left brain and right brain with equal skill or agility.

The left brain processes information in an analytical and sequential way looking at the pieces and then putting them together to get the whole.  The right brain focuses on the visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture and then the details.

What I am is not the purpose of this blog.  I am using it as an introduction to suggest that you try to describe yourself in one word.  Reflect on it, consider your best traits and what you like to do or how you act or confront a job or challenge.  This is a form of self-reflection and I found it helpful and insightful.  Hopefully, so will you.

This can be done for your professional and business activities as well as for the personal and family part of your life.  One word!


The descriptions of the brain lobe functions come from

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