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Qualities of CEOs and Entrepreneurs

December 2, 2015

Blogs about qualities of CEOs and entrepreneurs have been posted here.  Placing them side-by-side reveals very similar qualities.  The reason is quite simple.  They are both leaders of organizations.

Leaders need a vision, focus and direction for their organization that can be communicated easily to the cadres they want to follow them.  They also need to motivate and inspire their supporters and to have them understand and buy-in to the bigger mission and cause.  To accomplish this they need to be aware, observe, listen and be respectful of their charges and to create an atmosphere of team work and sharing that leads to accomplishing the common goals.

What the leaders need to do LEAD – and those qualities are common to everyone in leadership positions – be it a business, NFP, or a department, division, group or team.  Leading people is not limited or restricted to large groups or organizations, but can also apply to one other individual or groups as little as two or three people.  Leading requires having people do what they need to do, possibly the way you need them to do it, and to have it done on time.  Leadership takes patience, time, persistence and consistency of purpose; and is a talent that requires multidisciplinary skills that continually need to be honed and improved.

Being a leader is work – but, if done properly can be fun and can yield great satisfaction, growth and achievement.  Work at it!

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  1. December 2, 2015 9:53 pm

    I think we often believe that only those “in-charge” can be leaders. Leadership can take place at all levels and by any role in the organization. The necessary ingredients for leadership are less about position and more about talents and skills. Arguably, the most effective leaders come from those closest to the work/problem.

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