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The Stock Market: Everyone has opinions – Here are mine

September 10, 2015

The drop in the stock market certainly has a lot of people concerned and even nervous.  Listening to and reading the news can make this seem like there might be some serious issues and, perhaps, even the beginning of a crises.  I do have opinions and actually have expressed them here many times and during periods when it did not seem so critical.  Right now, I do not see anything happening that should cause changes to long-term investing patterns and plans.  Following, are some of my blogs that have dealt with what seems to be happening now with the stock market.  You can access these from the links included below and also look for others from the archives shown on the right of the screen.

There are others, but these are a good start.  I’ve been saying it all along.  There is nothing new to add at this time.  Have your investments align with your long-term strategies and unless there are major changes, stick to your plan.

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