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Contract With Your Spouse/Partner

March 31, 2015

“Til death do us part…”  These sacred words bind a couple together.  They represent a commitment of lasting love. They also represent a promise that they would not do things that will cause them to become needlessly ill and debilitative.

Unhealthy eating, smoking, frequently drinking alcoholic beverages, dependence on habit-forming medications and neglecting a reasonable exercise routine all lead to a breaking of this covenant – this contract – to grow old together.

Those that do unhealthy things will certainly destroy the quality of their own life in some manner.  But they will also destroy some of the quality of their healthy spouse or partner – the one that took care of themself.  Caregiving, cost, theft of quality time all add up to ruin a part of the healthy spouse’s life.

The next time you consider taking that extra bite, drink, smoke or pill you no longer need, or want to skip exercising, don’t think about yourself; think about your spouse or partner.  Keep the promise you made to them till death do you part.

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