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Financial Decisions – I Can See the Future

February 26, 2015

Not really.  But, I am pretty good at predicting what might happen if one course is taken over another with many investing and financial decisions.  This “skill” developed over many years of advising clients and being able to look back at the many things they’ve done and the results.  Experience, knowledge, time and the ability to apply the experience and knowledge to advise other clients can go a long way in making someone prescient.

Clients are individuals and have personal issues, desires, goals and feelings. They also have risk tolerances, investing prejudices and usually have limited knowledge in areas they are not intricately involved in such as investing.  The last part is what led them to me for either a review of their financial plan or to help them establish one.  And, this is where I can glimpse into their future.

While every plan is different, there are certain characteristics that can lead to success or otherwise.  An advantage I have is a professional charge and focus to help the client accomplish their goals and to attain the financial security they need and want.  I can see clearly when they choose to do something that won’t bring them toward their desired result and, likewise, when they do something that takes them in the wrong direction.

I can’t predict what stocks will go up and which way interest rates will go, but I can help with a plan that has the best chance of accomplishing a client’s goals.  Determining goals is a plan; reaching goals is a prognostication; but doing the wrong thing likely would result in an evident negative result.

I can see the future – most of the time it is pretty clear.  Doing wrong things usually does not work.  Doing the right things usually works.  There are no guarantees, but many people do not get a second chance, so try to do it right the first time.

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