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Tony Robbins’ 7 Steps

February 19, 2015

Reading Tony Robbins MONEY: Master the Game is like being in a personal symposium with him.  His intermixed motivational, inspirational and teaching style makes you feel he is talking directly to you.

To write this book, Tony used – what he thought was – his financial knowledge until he met and interviewed over 50 of the top money masters.  He shares what he learned and what he thinks we should do to create personal financial security.

The principles in the book are easy to understand, digest and act on.  His seven steps are big (and long) so I have condensed them and will restate as follows:

  1. Commit to a regular savings program
  2. Know and understand what you are investing in
  3. Develop a plan and, while at it, reduce spending, keep investment costs low and shed debt
  4. Allocate your assets carefully and rebalance periodically
  5. Create a lifetime income plan
  6. Invest like the .001%, i.e. don’t be stupid and re-look at step 2
  7. Be happy by growing and giving

All good advice you can start following today.

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