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Entitled Royalty

October 2, 2014

There is a type of person that I find very annoying and I will refer to him (or her) as “Entitled Royalty.”  These people have no concern for anyone else believing they are entitled to whatever they do.  Some examples follow:

  • Someone whose spouse needs a handicapped permit for their car and they go to the mall without that person and park in a handicapped spot.  They are screwing those that really need that spot, but they are “entitled.”   They should pray to God they do not eventually need that spot.
  • A person I send a gift to – perhaps a book, photo or a shirt – and they do not respond with a “thank you” or even that it was received.  They are “entitled.”
  • A person driving ten miles below the speed limit in the left lane while also talking on their cell phone with perhaps a cigarette in their mouth and when you beep them they give you the finger.  They are “entitled.”  Actually, I have a theory about what the finger means.  It means “I am an a$$hole!”  Anyone displaying that gross gesture is usually doing something they shouldn’t and they are really a$$holes.  Their finger supports that hypothesis.
  • People that do not take the time to explain clearly what they want done to people working for them and then get upset when it is not done right.
  • Anyone that yells at people working for them.  I am always surprised that anyone stays.
  • People who inherit a hefty investment portfolio and truly believe they earned it neglecting to seek any type of professional assistance.
  • People that hire a well-known investment advisor that overcharges and spends no time on their client’s portfolio, but name drop who their advisor is.  They are both “entitled royalty” and in these situations the person making the payments loses.
  • People who are a strong #2 in a business, but who never, ever, initiated a single change in anything and who just can’t wait until their boss croaks so they could take over and run things “right.”
  • Police officers driving police cars that do not signal when turning, who do not stop at stop signs or that go 45 mph on a 30 mph road when going for coffee.  There are safety rules that they should follow.
  • Customer service call centers that repeat “your call is important” every 2 minutes for the 15 or so minutes you are waiting to speak to a person about your problem.  Also, the IRS and many state tax authorities frequently have one-hour waiting times for customer service calls that are “important to us.”  Bull.

There are others, but these came up recently.

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