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Tax Season is Over

April 15, 2014

Tonight, accountants all over the country are collectively sighing with relief.  Tax season is over.

For us at WithumSmith+Brown, we had a good season – all returns were completed where we had the information; our clients that wanted to, filed on time; the higher tax paid by many clients because of the new ObamaCare tax was not much of a surprise because of the projections we did in November and December.  they weren’t thrilled, but at least they weren’t surprised.  The IRS, once they got revved up, handled the volume well.

Our staff did a great job with many young staff as knowledgeable with the new laws as the more experienced staff members since they saw the effects most directly when they prepared returns.  Because of the changes, we added training courses at the beginning of tax season, so our staff were right on top of the tax laws and fresh and eager to work on the returns. This also resulted in reduced review time.  Technology played an important role.  We used smart scanners and cloud based and data population software making our processes effective and efficient and with less tedious date entry work.  Almost all of our clients e-filed reducing handling and delivery time and costs.  Tax season started later than usual and because of this our clients were able to provide more of their information the first time they submitted it to us reducing handling, touches, calls and waiting.  All around, everything worked smoothly.

We had a good tax season, and so did our clients. Our offices are closed tomorrow for a well-earned day of rest.

Thank you to our clients and staff.

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  1. Robert Nagler permalink
    April 15, 2014 2:35 pm

    Hi Ed Thank for the information

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