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Stephen King – 11/22/63

November 26, 2013

What would life be like if President Kennedy was not assassinated?112263

Stephen King offers a view – pure fiction, but a probable interpretation.  It’s not pretty, and who knows how the sequence of events would have flown from that change, or for that matter any changes in our lives.

Every day we make decisions – some good and some regretful.  Hopefully, the bad decisions are minimized.  We also can have improper split second movements that can destroy lives, ruin businesses and alter the future course of everyone involved with the offender.  Answering a cell phone or texting while driving, speeding up to make a light, skipping a bunch of checklist questions to get a report in the mail, being afraid to report an immoral action by a close colleague, taking something that isn’t yours because of no oversight or a single illegal stock trade are all impulsive decisions that can cause destruction of your peaceful life… and that of your entire family and anyone else affected.

Many times the difference is a slight lack of a firm mindset of doing things right.  Do things right!  Don’t take inappropriate short cuts!  Don’t risk ruining your life for an instant of fleeting gratification!  Don’t be stupid!

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