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Norman Lipshie

August 3, 2013

With sadness, I heard that Norman Lipshie passed away this passed Monday.  He was a true gentleman and a proud credit to our profession.


Norman was one of the main inspirations that taught me to reach out to help fellow professionals.  Over 35 years ago, Norman, whom I did not know at that time, heard I was working on an extremely complicated financial transaction and he called me expressing concern that if I did not know how to handle it fully, he would like to give me some insights.  Well, it turns out that until speaking to him I did not realize that I was in way over my head and he helped me immensely so that I would not be embarrassed.


His call was gracious, unsolicited and came out of the blue.  Norman’s actions led him to be a role model for me and I resolved to do likewise if a similar situation came up.  Every time I am asked to help a fellow professional, I think fondly of Norman and willingly do what I can to assist them.


Norman, you were a great man.  Rest in Peace my friend!


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  1. Robert Blum permalink
    August 4, 2013 1:14 pm

    My deepest sympathies to you on losing your friend.

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