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April 18, 2013

• The difference between being five minutes early and five minute late is ten minutes strain on the nervous system

• The difference between spending £5 more than you have and £5 less is misery. From Dickens

• There is no difference between having a great idea that you don’t do anything about and having no idea

• The difference between someone that does something that doesn’t work out and someone that doesn’t do anything is that the person who tried will have no regrets of what could have been, and will know for sure what doesn’t work. Also the person trying will probably try again at something else that might succeed, while the one that didn’t try, won’t

• The difference between someone that controls their business and someone that doesn’t is the sustainability of the business

• The difference between someone taking a risk they understand when investing and someone who refuses to understand the risks is the likelihood of achieving or not achieving a goal

• The difference between doing all the talking and all the listening is that the listener might learn something while the talker cannot learn anything

Some of the above are from sources I cannot remember or locate. If you know the original source please post as a comment. Thanks.

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  1. Rick Mendlowitz permalink
    April 18, 2013 11:09 am

    Ben Franklin!!

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