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Biographies of the Famous

March 12, 2013

Two biographies of Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, were just published.  One is complimentary and one… not so.  I haven’t read these books, but I did read the book Roger wrote – You Are the Message – and strongly recommend it.  Roger got his start in business in 1968 after showing Richard Nixon how to act on television (he was the producer of the Mike Douglas Show at the time.)  I met Roger just after that when he started to shape his amazing career.  He is a brilliant and creative perrogerailesson that, to mention a few, ran George H.W. Bush’s successful 1988 campaign, built CNBC and then Fox News.  Some of the characteristics that always impressed me were his ability to come up with big and successful game-changing ideas, think and execute outside of the box with limitless determination and drive to see things through.


Some other famous people I worked with that also have those characteristics are Martha Stewart, Giorgio Armani and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  They are all top in what they do.  However, every successful business client I had also has those characteristics.  They are not well-known but each are leaders in their industries and communities, employ people who earn their living and support their families, made quality merchandise and built structures that people use and occupy.  Some products carry major brand names and some you would never have heard of but are components in things you use every day.


Something fascinates us about the “celebrity.”  Someone once asked me if it was exciting working with famous people.  Of course, but the excitement comes from seeing them in action and also from what I do for them.  And – that is the same excitement I have with all my clients – they are all famous in their own right.  It’s just that they are not household names and jealous people don’t write nasty biographies about them.

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