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Hiring an Administrative Assistant

February 21, 2013

Last week I had a few discussions with business owners that complained they can’t seem to get all of their work done.  They are too busy chasing their tails and they asked if I had any suggestions.  Well, I do.

Administrative Assistant Day

They need to hire an administrative assistant.  This person would shadow them, take notes, follow up on what needs to be done, and follow up with tasks and projects others commit themselves to.  These owners need to be relieved of things that they do not personally have to do.  If 20% of their time can be saved, they would acquire a fifth of themselves for the cost of the assistant.  In most cases, this creates a good cost/benefit relationship and a bargain.  Another benefit of hiring an assistant is that it would force them to be better organized causing a more effective use of their time.


The “new” time created can be used for additional marketing, business planning, day-dreaming about the business (which could be the most profitable thing they could do), playing more golf, taking more vacations or working 10 hours a day instead of 12 or 14.  With the assistant, choices become available.


My suggestion is to consider hiring a recent college graduate or a veteran reentering civilian life.  This would be an opportunity to train someone to do what they want and need and to have things done their way (good or bad – it is your way).  The downside is not too great – figure about three months’ cost.

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