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The Best Thing I Can Tell You is… Nothing

January 31, 2013

I occasionally perform diagnostic reviews or “second opinions” of a business or a wealthy individual’s financial situation.  When I finish, the best thing they would like me to say is “everything is fine.  I have no suggestions!”  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen.  It occasionally happens when I look at a separate piece or facet of a business or financial plan, but not when I do a full blown review. I would love to say “everything is fine.”  Clients love it and feel great and I feel good that there are people out there doing great jobs.


However, when we do a total exhaustive, thorough and focused review… we do find things.  I say “we” because we use a team from our firm drawing in experts in each technical area, industry or profession.  It is a collaborative activity which also includes the client and their key people.


When you go to a physician for your annual checkup, you do not want him or her to find anything.  However,  if there is something, you are glad you went and can start treatment or corrective actions sooner rather than much later or not at all.  The same with our diagnostic reviews.


I am one person in the team, but if you want a glimpse into my thinking and ideas, look at my prior blogs ( and see if you like what I’ve said.  You can also check out our firm at  If interested, give me a call – 732 964-9329.  Thank you. Ed Mendlowitz

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