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Fiscal Cliff Diet

January 3, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff debacle in Congress is about how much will or won’t be received or spent over the next tEXTRASen years.  The Fiscal Cliff Diet is about how much you won’t eat over the next ten years.

By following the Fiscal Cliff Diet you will not eat 720,000 calories over the next ten years.  Imagine how great you will look and feel.  I bet you feel better already!

This diet is simple, but requires some will power, breaking some eating habits and keeping track of what you do not eat.

Here is how it works.  Every time you do not eat something you were going to eat, mark down the calories saved.  For instance, suppose you want a small bag of potato chips at lunch and decide to not eat it – you just saved 150 calories.  If you eliminate the cookies you usually have midday – another 200 calories saved.  After dinner you have your regular portion of ice cream for dessert, but skip the whip cream – 100 calories saved.  Profitable day – you’ve saved 450 calories.

Sometimes you won’t forbear eating something, but might eat less.  Instead of drowning your salad with dressing – cut it in half – 75 calories saved.  Rather than take doubles of potatoes, don’t – 150 calories saved.  Skipping the butter or margarine on your bread will save 100 calories.  Better yet, skip the bread – 200 more calories saved.

None of the examples mentioned are part of your core diet.  All you have to do is eliminate the extras or excess.

Working with a buddy creates some accountability, satisfaction and a support system for you.  Each morning email your dieting buddy how many calories you’ve saved the previous day.  A simple regime of not eating something that you would have will add up pretty quickly.  Within a month you should see some tangible results, besides the intangibles of feeling better and being healthier.

Not eating just 200 calories a day adds up to 6,000 calories a month; 72,000 calories a year.  Ten years – 720,000 calories.  In no time you will be trim and fit and an enviable model to others.  400 calories a day (which is not a hardship for most of us) becomes 1,440,000 calories saved over ten years.  WOW!

This diet works.  A little forbearance each day won’t be missed, and the cumulative benefits will be noticed.

Now, if our Congressmen and women can just catch on…

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