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Planning Your Demise

August 28, 2012

An astute client that I did estate planning for delayed a while before proceeding.  He met with me, agreed with the plan and the methods of implementation… Yet, he delayed.  Eventually, he got it jump-started and it was completed.


When I asked him why he delayed, he said it was eerie planning his demise and it actually freaked him out for a while.  After considering its importance, he finally did get it done.


Many people are not like him and do not plan at all.  However, mortality is a reality and the need to plan is always present.  There is also the reality that people that do not plan usually have things that end up differently than the way they would have preferred.  This tends to result with their heirs saddled with added costs, confusion, possible altercation and ill feelings about the deceased’s lack of preparation.  People that do not prepare wills end up with a “will” dictated by the state with their affairs settled according to legislative and bureaucratic norms (usually resulting in an ending they wouldn’t have chosen).


Some people profess they do not care what happens to them after they die.  That is their prerogative and they do not need to do anything.  But, what happens if they are the one that does not die first and their family members, their supposed heirs – predecease them without making plans?


Plan and get it done your way.

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