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Success Magazine CDs

August 23, 2012

Success Magazine is a great publication with each issue containing a “bonus” one hour CD with insightful interviews that have become a “must listen to” for me as soon as I receive each new issue.


A part of the CD (that is well worth the subscription price by itself) is the first five-minute introduction by publisher Darren Hardy.  Darren gives a short preamble to the four interviews he conducts in each issue, but they are self-contained directed recitations by themselves.  His tips, advice and recommendations always hit home and are right to the point with hardly an extraneous word.


Darren’s opening in the September CD is about business makeovers and redesign.  Change is difficult and he provides a graphic description on how to get it started, and perhaps completed.  He talks about a “do over” method that makes sense from every angle.  In previous issues, his discussions included handling your firm’s MVPs, being the best leader you can be, using business reverses to bounce back vigorously, how good eating and exercise create energy boosts, the importance and value of marketing, the difference between happiness and fulfillment and finding satisfaction and success in life and business.


Success Magazine’s raison d’être is to provide information to help its readers and listeners succeed… and they do a fantastic job with that every month.  Go to a local newsstand and pick up the current issue.  Read it, but also listen to the CD.  Try it!  You’ll like it!  And then subscribe.

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