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Technology: Walking the Talk

August 21, 2012

Last week our IT people set up my office telephone to send an email to my Blackberry whenever I received a phone message.  I no longer need to call my office phone or open my laptop to get my office phone messages.  Magic???


Not really!  It is state-of-the-art communications with full use of the available technology capabilities.  This is standard de rigueur at WS+B.

When my firm merged with WS+B almost eight years ago, no mention was made of IT and the benefits that we would get from their advanced systems.  Nothing was said!  On the day after the merger became effective, two IT professionals showed up with a second monitor and a personal high-speed portable scanner for each of us.  I never heard of using two monitors and a few minutes afterwards, was using one.  I learned there was no initial mention because technology at WS+B is like air – it is there, it is accepted and it is expected.

I have come to learn and see that we are on the forefront of the newest and best technology.  We are the first to try, test, use and adapt new technologies.  Our annual IT budget as a percentage of revenues is significantly greater than our peer group average (and much more successful).  We are fully connected – always – anywhere in the world.  Every associate is provided with a smart phone it is fully synchronized with our laptops.  Jim Bourke, the Partner-in-Charge of our IT department is recognized as a top expert in our profession.  Many of our IT professionals have advanced degrees.  We have on-site IT professionals at most of our offices – in our New Brunswick, NJ, office (where I am based) we have two amazingly brilliant people.  We have a 24-hour help desk.  Our work methods are cutting edge… making us perform better, quicker and more effectively.  We walk the talk!

I am continuously awed at what we do and think of all of it as magic.  I do not take it for granted!  Kudos to our WS+B IT department!

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