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Independence Day

July 3, 2012

Tomorrow is the 4th of July – a day celebrating the birth of our country.


The Declaration of Independence ends with the signers saying they “mutually pledge to each other their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.”  I am awed by the boldness of these men – risking everything they had for an ideal with no reason to expect victory or to anticipate what would happen afterwards.


These men were the leaders of their generation with secure wealth and comfort.  I wonder what must have been going on in their minds, and can’t fathom the risks, resolve and confidence they felt.  I celebrate Independence Day like many others – I have a barbeque, watch fireworks, wear a tee shirt with an American Flag, hang a flag in front of my house and feel especially proud to be an American.  I also read the Declaration of Independence.  It is a masterpiece of expression and clarity and the birth certificate of the United States.


Freedom is a cherished blessing and we must remember and be grateful to those before us that sacrificed, and those that are continuing to sacrifice, so we could enjoy our liberties.  We are eternally in their debt.  God Bless Them!  God Bless America!

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  1. July 3, 2012 1:19 pm

    Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love America and everything it stands for… But what’s interesting to me is, if you flip the switch and look at our forefathers from England’s perspective, they were all terrorists!! And if we ended up losing the war, modern history books would paint a completely different picture when mentioning John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and the rest of the brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

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