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Sue Simmons, Congress, CNBC and Me

June 7, 2012

Sue Simmons will be completing her 32nd year on WNBC-TV in New York.  One of her early interviews was with yours truly, Ed Mendlowitz.  Starting in 1980 I appeared regularly on Live at Five as their tax expert.  I started with Pia Lindstrom and then with Sue when she joined the show.  Shown is a photo of me with Jack Cafferty and Sue from an April 1982 broadcast.


Also, in June 1980 I testified at the House Ways and Means Committee on Tax Reform and was interviewed many times that summer since my “big picture” theme was adopted by then candidate, Ronald Reagan during his campaign, and then in the summer of 1981 when President Reagan was asking Congress to adopt his tax proposals.


These proposals included eliminating the marriage penalty, widening the brackets, expensing fixed asset additions for smaller businesses, reducing the tax on corporate dividends that are distributions of profits previously taxed to the payer, and adding tax relief for college costs.  In one form or another, every one of my 1980 proposals became law.


Note that I also testified in 1985 on tax reform and equity but my thirty-five specific suggestions for more fairness and equity fell on deaf ears when the 1986 tax bill was enacted.  My overriding proposal then was for a five-year freeze on new tax legislation except for rate increases or decreases to allow time for the people to become familiar with the tax laws, become capable of preparing their own returns and, if they wish, to participate in the legislative process.


Another public milestone was my appearance on CNBC’s opening day, April 17, 1989, as their very first studio guest where I discussed last minute tax filing and extension procedures.


My media days have slowed down, but you can catch some clips of me on YouTube, attend my many speeches, read my articles and blogs and buy my books.


Good luck to Sue – you had a great run!  CNBC ain’t doing too bad either.  And I am still going strong!

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  1. June 28, 2012 2:05 pm

    I was unaware of your TV star status..

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