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Getting Your Affairs in Order

May 22, 2012

Everyone’s affairs end up the same way – distributed, dispersed or dumped.


Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s difficult.  The easier it is, the better the chance that the deceased’s affairs are settled the way they wanted, and with as little extra time and cost as possible.


This process starts with you.  And – you can start today or not at all.  It’s all up to you.


My new book, Getting Your Affairs in Order, shows how to arrange your affairs so that:


  • You will have a better handle on your finances;
  • Your heirs will know what you want done and how;
  • The distress to your heirs will be minimized.


Arranging affairs is difficult because life interferes with a lot of “wish I could do’s” or “need to do’s.”  This book lays out things you can do in an easy-to-follow manner.  The consequences of not following certain rules and, where applicable, laws are illustrated.  For example, everyone has a will.  It is either a will you caused to be written, or the default will the state imposes on your estate. Neglecting doing something does not eliminate the need… rather, it says you prefer the way the state will dispose of your assets and that you won’t mind the added costs, bother and time.  After all, you won’t be around anyway. 


Included are 14 worksheets and forms that can be completed quite easily.  If doing anything that needs to be done is difficult for you, think about the problems your heirs will have trying to find and assemble everything you had or owed, and then report it to the governments involved and disburse the rightful shares to those you designated in the manner and the time you determined.


Sometimes we look back and realize we would have liked to have done or said something different.  Now is a good time to write it out as a final memo to those that were either affected or would have benefited.  It can’t change what was done, but it might make the person appreciative of your thoughts.  A chapter gives examples and explains final remarks.


Check out the book at

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