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The E Shirt Story

April 19, 2012

Tax season ending means the beginning of my golfing season.


When I started golfing regularly, I only bought Pinnacle balls – they were not too expensive and no one else seemed to use them.  That became “my ball.”


Because all the Pinnacle golf balls in my foursomes were mine, I stopped noticing the identifying numbers on the ball. A couple of times some meathead I played with used Pinnacles and I either had to tell him they were mine or trade him so they would use something else. Sometimes (sometimes? maybe a lot of times) I hit the ball into another fairway and would you believe… there was another Pinnacle right where I hit my ball!  Another meathead! 


This started to get annoying and I started trying to remember the number on the ball.  I would “inventory” Pinnacles and only bring balls with the same numbers. In those days, I wasn’t so good (I still stink, but am better now than “wasn’t so good”) and used to lose a lot of balls – so remembering the numbers was important because of all the balls I needed to play.


At some point it became an epidemic and it seemed like everyone was using Pinnacles. Along that time I found out that I could buy “experienced” balls for about a third of the cost of new ones – even cheap new ones. The problem was that every ball was a different brand – boy did that drive me crazy. I then figured out that if I put a big “E” on the ball (for “Ed”) it wouldn’t matter what the brand, or number, was and everyone I played with would know it was my ball.  I also stopped having fights with every meathead that was using a similar branded ball.


Well, meatheads are everywhere and the people I played with would say “there’s an “M” ball over here, or here’s a “3” ball, or a “W” ball, and some even went as far as calling it a “boob” ball (instead of a “W” ball). Remember, I said they were meatheads. That’s when I decided to make “E” shirts. I drew an “E” on a sheet of paper and sent it to Land’s End to embroider on shirts.  To emphasize my ball mark, I started giving the “E” shirts to everyone I golfed with – and as more people saw it, they asked for one – and I started to go a little broke giving the shirts away.  Along that same period, a friend’s son that joined us for a foursome suggested I share the story and sell the shirts. Exciting isn’t it!!!??? How many do you want, and what sizes? (Just kidding – don’t call me for a shirt!)

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  1. Jacqueline Seewald permalink
    April 20, 2012 1:09 pm

    I love your story! People are funny about having the right brand. Snob appeal?

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