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Strategy + Business – Spring 2012 Issue

March 22, 2012

The cover story is “Winning Moves for 12 Industries.”  I read this issue and believe all 12 are moves every company in every industry should consider. This does not exclude not-for-profits. 


The 12 are:


  1. Deploy Natural Supply Chains
  2. Embrace Strong-Form Product Management
  3. Shorten the Product Launch Cycle
  4. Digitize the Verticals
  5. Prepare for Black Swans
  6. Go to Market More Effectively
  7. Invest in Shopper Marketing
  8. Cut Costs, Strengthen Segmenting
  9. Provide Experience
  10. Become Better Curators
  11. Build Customer Oriented Capabilities
  12. Bolster e-relationships


The future needs innovation, ideas and creativity geared toward delivering products and services to your customers and clients in a timely, no-aggravation manner.  This issue is an idea factory!


If you hurry, you can still get this issue on the newsstand.


I would appreciate your comments after you read it.


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