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Do You Have a Jeremy Lin?

March 20, 2012

Jeremy Lin is a phenomenon that has captivated New York City by leading the Knicks to some longed for wins.  He is also a very intelligent and articulate young man.  It got me thinking about the Jeremy Lin’s in our businesses…


In my office at Withum, I know a few Jeremy Lin’s that are currently in the process of developing.  These are young accountants that demonstrate way above-average by quickly passing the CPA exam and mentoring our interns and entry level staff.  They are recognized as “go to” people by their peers; are eager to accept new and challenging assignments; dress the role; establish individual, distinctive and positive personal brands; and prepare for new engagements by researching the clients’ industries, reviewing the clients marketing materials and previous financial statements. They have upbeat, cheerful attitudes, do extras for clients, maintain continuous relationships with client personnel, develop and manage networks of peers, mentors and potential future referrers of business [people they will “grow up” with] and are involved in community service. Further, they volunteer and are willing to work with me on my difficult but interesting and exciting projects.  They always deliver and meet deadlines with added and valuable insights.


They are young but are recognized by all in my office and at clients as being exceptional and future Jeremy Lin’s.  They “get it!” They are true credits to our firm and profession. 


Whatever your business, identify your Jeremy Lin’s and invest in them so they develop to be your winners!

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